Research review

There is an interesting article on 3D printing of artifacts with a structured, inhomogeneous interior in CAD Journal. A team out of Turkey shows how the interior is decomposed into cells defined by a 3D Voronoi diagram and their sites. The slicing algorithm capitalizes on this coherence and minimizes print head moves that do not deposit material. This approach has been implemented on a client/server architecture that computes the slices on the geometry side. The slices are printed by fused deposition, and are communicated upon demand.

Web hosting for your CAD project

If you are looking for a solution to communication between disparate teams during your CAD project, there are a variety of option from GitHub to Skype.  However, I find it is sometimes best to simply have your own web server where you can customize things to your need.  Short of having your own server, a cheaper solution is to use shared web hosting.  For this purpose I like HostGator, as they typically have the features I need installed by default on even their most basic packages (more info on their packages here).  I am sure some other shared web hosts would suffice as well.  Feel free to leave your favorite web host in the comments.